Grow taller naturally with hormone supplements

07/16/2012 08:58

Height growth is highly desirable in people that experience stunted growth in childhood. By keeping a close watch on your growth rate, you should be able to determine your growth trajectory on the chart provided by the CDC. You can download the PDF charts from the CDC.

For example, you can read the chart as such: if you're an 18 year old boy, and your height is 60 inches, or 5 feet, you may want to do what you can to grow taller.


There are natural ways to help your body grow a few inches taller than your growth trajectory is predicting. By providing the building blocks needed to build your own growth hormones you can help your body change it's growth trajectory. If you're looking to grow between 2 to 4 inches taller there are supplements that can help you:

Growth Factor Plus